17.09.2014 Lectures on electrocatalysis by professor Julien Bachmann.


  From 1 to 3 October on the basis of the Center for Optical and Laser Materials Reseach with the support of G-RISC (German-Russian Interdisciplinary Science Center) and the Russian Chemical Society the lectures on electrochemistry will be held by Professor of Faculty of Chemistry, Friedrich-Alexander University, Nuremberg, Germany (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) Julien Bachmann

Everyone is welcome! 

Information about the program, time and venue will be announced later. 

October 1, Turning lead into gold: Materials and nanostructures in electrochemical energy conversion. Institute of Chemistry, 315 auditory, 17:30  

October 2, Exchange phenomena at elongated structures, from macro to nano -- optimizing energy conversion devices based on their geometry, RC OLMR, 209 auditory, 12:00  

October 3, Aspects of catalysis and electrocatalysis: materials and geometries (lecture within the frame of Russian chemical society). Institute of Chemistry, 03 auditory, 17:15  



01.09.2014 Congratulations on the Knowledge Day!

Dear colleagues, teachers and students. We congratulate you on the beginning of the school year, we wish you success in academic and scientific activities! 



25.08.2014 Raman spectrometer T64000

Starting-up and adjustment procedures of Raman spectrometer Т64000 (Horiba Scientific) were completed. The device operates in the test mode.  


Raman spectrum of CaCO3 obtained using T64000 Raman spectrometer in triple monochromator mode with subtractive dispersion. Excitation source - – laser MBR-110 (Coherent) (λ = 784,93 nm). 


10.06.2014 Excursion for students of the Cadet Corps

On June 10, a professional orientation tour at the Center for Optical and Laser Materials Research was held for students of the St. Petersburg Cadet Corps.. 





09.06.2014 Summer practice in physics for students of physical and mathematical schools and gymnasiums of Saint-Petersburg

2-27 June 2014 St. Petersburg State University will conduct a summer internship in physics for students of physical and mathematical schools and high schools of the city. The program includes popular science lectures, laboratory practice and the implementation of educational and research projects on modern equipment of St. Petersburg State University Science Park. 

To apply their knowledge, students can perform research and training projects at the Center for Optical and Laser Materials Research». 


In the photo: specialist in Raman spectroscopy RC OLMIV P.Olshin (to the left) and FML № 30 student Alexander Sviridov. Detailed information about the summer practice is represented on the portal of SPSU.