28.03.2013 Visit of American Scientists

This week the group of foreign scientists from Department of Chemistry, Bowling green State University, Ohio, USA has visited us. The main point of the visit was establishing scientific relationships. To make the acquaintance easier the excursion to the resource center was organized. 



18.03.2013 Measurement of the luminescence lifetime with the nanosecond range using the Fluorolog-3 spectrofluorimeter

The luminescence lifetime of the fluorescein solution was measured using the Fluorolog-3spectrofluorimeter. . The luminescence excitation of the sample was generated by the LED with 495 nm wavelength and with the pulse duration less than 1.5 ns. The luminescence was obtained at the wavelength λem=517 nm. Received luminescence lifetime is τ=3.96±0.01 ns (table lifetime of the fluorescein is 4.0 ns).


Luminescence kinetics of the fluorescein solution (λem=517 nm)

07.03.2013 Mini-lectures “Nonlinear phenomena in metamaterials”

Dear colleagues,

The general physics department in cooperation with the “Optical and laser methods of matter research” resource center and an interdisciplinary resource center in the direction of “Nanotechnology” invite all collaborators and students to attend mini-lectures “Nonlinear phenomena in metamaterials”.


. A schematic of wave propagation in the transition metamaterial (a) and the field distribution (b). J. Opt. 13 (2011) 024013


The lectures will be provided in Russian.

We look forward to see everyone.


25.02.2013 Mira Optima 900-D lasers were configured to generate the picosecond pulses.

Two lasers Mira Optima 900-D were configured to generate the picosecond pulses. The pulse duration is 3 ps, repetition rate is 76 MHz, the tuning range of the maximum is from 700 nm to 980 nm.

mira optima nwes


20.02.2013 The completion of the installation and configuration of the Nicolet 8700 FT-IR spectrometer.

The starting-up and adjustment of the Nicolet 8700 FT-IR spectrometer were fully completed. The system of dehumidification was connected. Test experiments on studying the single ATR spectra and transmittance of water solutions of proteins and DNA were successfully conducted. 

nicolet 8700