15.01.2022 DFT Modelling of Molecular Structure, Vibrational and UV-Vis Absorption Spectra of T-2 Toxin and 3-Deacetylcalonectrin

Дата публикации:

by D. Pankin, M. Smirnov, A. Povolotckaia, A. Povolotskiy, E. Borisov, M. Moskovskiy, A. Gulyaev, S. Gerasimenko, A. Aksenov, M. Litvinov and A. Dorochov

Materials 2022, 15(2), 649;


This paper discusses the applicability of optical and vibrational spectroscopies for the identification and characterization of the T-2 mycotoxin. Vibrational states and electronic structure of the T-2 toxin molecules are simulated using a density-functional quantum-mechanical approach. A numerical experiment aimed at comparing the predicted structural, vibrational and electronic properties of the T-2 toxin with analogous characteristics of the structurally similar 3-deacetylcalonectrin is performed, and the characteristic spectral features that can be used as fingerprints of the T-2 toxin are determined. It is shown that theoretical studies of the structure and spectroscopic features of trichothecene molecules facilitate the development of methods for the detection and characterization of the metabolites.


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