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The fluorescent spectrometer Lumina (Thermo Fisher Scientific)



The fluorescent spectrometer Lumina provides an opportunity to conduct the research of the fluorescence, chemiluminescence and phosphorescence with high resolution and sensitivity within the range from 190 to 900 nm. The various programs supporting the operation of the fluorescent spectrometer Lumina, allow to measure:

- the emission spectra, the excitation spectra and synchronous spectra, including its temperature dependence;

- the measurement of the three-dimensional fluorescence spectra;

- the sample concentration relative to the calibration curve;

- the phosphorescence lifetime;

- the sample intensity at the selected wavelengths without scanning the excitation and emission;

- the ion concentration in the intercellular samples (by calculation);

- the anisotropy magnitude.


Technical characteristics:

- The spectral range of the excitation and emission is within 190 - 900 nm.

- The horizontal beam geometry is 5 mm wide.

- The minimal volume of the sample is 0,5 ml (in a standard 10 mm cuvette).

- The monochromators of the excitation and detection spectral slit bandwidth is 0,5; 1,0; 2,5; 5,0; 10; 20 nm.

- The emission source is the 150 W xenon lamp.

- Sensitivity (the raman band of water):     > 4000:1 RMS

                                                               > 1000:1 Peak-to-peak

- The limits of the wavelengths absolute error is ±0,5 nm.

- Reproducibility - ±0.2 nm.

- The scanning velocity is within 1-6000 nm per minute

- The slew speed is 20000 nm per minute

The opportunity to choose the zero-order for the excitation and emission monochromators.

The information on the manufacturer’s website.pdf (rus)

The information on the manufacturer’s website.pdf (eng)


Additional accessories:

- The thermostatted sample holder


The cuvette holder with the Peltier heater is used to obtain the highest precision (10 – 110  °С)  and to study the kinetics and other applications requiring accurate temperature control. The thermostatted sample holder allows the use of the liquid thermostat.

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