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The purpose of the Resource Center activity is providing users with services in scientific research on modern scientific and technical level.

In addition to solving a purely scientific problems, the existing equipment of the resource center is used for studying, training and professional development for the specialists, bachelors, masters and PhD students, academic and teaching staff from different faculties of the Saint-Petersburg State University.

The main direction of the "Center for Optical and Laser materials research" activity is the implementation of a wide range of experimental studies both determining the composition, optical and physico-chemical properties of substances and materials, and studying a range of physical phenomena in the interaction of radiation with matter.

Center equipment is formally divided into two blocks. The first block represents the devices for a wide range of research problems and "current" measurements (spectrometers, spectrophotometers, spectrofluorimeters etc.). Second unit consits of the high-standard complexes with unique characteristics for a wide application. One of the basic underlying ideas in the device set of the second unit is to provide flexibility in configuring the experimental complexes to solve both standard and unique tasks and to perform the experiments on substances in different aggregate states and under different conditions.

The integration and versatility of the equipment, the Resource Center staff as well as the interdisciplinary nature of solvable scientific problems can implement a highly effective combination of the research and education using modern optical, laser and world standards related equipment.

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