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The Raman scattering spectroscopy

The Raman scattering - non-contact non-destructive method for analyzing the structure of substances. The basic idea of the Raman spectroscopy method is the registration of inelastically scattered light from the sample with subsequent decoding of the spectrum obtained by comparing the frequencies of the oscillations with the characteristic oscillations that is unique to each substance. Using such analysis, it is possible to determine the symmetry of the sample, the frequency of the vibrational modes and quality of the grown structures as well as the content of alloying and undesirable impurities, the distribution of the elastic deformation, etc. Here are just some applications that can be solved with the help of Raman spectroscopy:

       - Materials for the study of any type of inorganic and organic materials, including semiconductor elements;

       - In gemology, mineralogy for the study of gems, minerals;

       - In organic chemistry for the study of reaction mechanisms of synthesis and characterization of the products;

       - The development and control of various production processes;

       - In criminology, Raman spectroscopy can be used to identify:

               - Paints, inks (car accident, identification of the figure);

               - Polymer films, different fibers, shot, glass;

               - Explosives, drugs, toxic substances;

               - The composition of explosive mixtures of powders.

       - In the pharmaceutical industry in the development and production control the tablet forms of drugs and creams;

       - The study of corrosion processes

Software features allow to register the spectrum at the required point, along a preferred direction and in the selected area. The realizable geometry - backscattering z(--)z ̅.


The Raman scattering spectrum of the GaN layers doped with silicon.

Reviews and methods


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Research-grade Raman spectrometer T64000

Express Raman spectrometer Senterra



Associate Director Alexey Povolotskiy

Specialist in Raman spectroscopy Evgenii Borisov

Specialist in express-Raman spectroscopy Alexey Kireev

Specialist in express-Raman spectroscopy Pavel Olshin

Specialist in Raman spectroscopy Dmitrii Pankin


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