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Express-Raman spectrometer SENTERRA (Bruker)

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Presented spectrometer allows to conduct express and routine measurement of Raman spectra. The complex has the ability to measure liquids and solid samples: glassy, crystalline, organic and inorganic substances in the form of powders, thin films, and can work with microquantities of the substances. The complex has a system of optical imaging of the samples - Olympus. The spectrometer is equipped with three lasers with wavelengths of 488, 532, 785 nm, and fiber-optic sensor for registering the spectra of samples in an external sample compartment.

Main features:

- Spectrometer is located on a platform of the confocal optical microscope and it has a class I protection from laser radiation.

- Spectral range of recording the Raman spectra of 80-4500 cm-1.

- Spectral resolution: better than 3 cm-1.

- Calibration wavelength: continuous, throughout the process of registration of the spectrum.

- Wavelength of the excitation laser (in parentheses the maximum power is shown): 532nm (20mW), 785nm (100 mW), 488 nm (40 mW).

- ДDetection: High-sensitive CCD detector with a Peltier-cooling to -70оС.

- 2 diffraction gratings - 400 grooves/mm and 1200 grooves/mm.

- Polarizer for measurements in polarized light.

- Fiber-optic sensor for recording the spectra of samples in an external sample compartment.

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Characteristics of the confocal microscope with the visualization device:

- Spatial resolution: 1 mm.

- The confocal optics with hybrid iris controled by computer.

- Aperture: combined slotted aperture for high luminosity and round aperture for confocal measurements.

- Confocal a resolution 2 microns.

- Color CCD camera to visualize the viewpoint, with a resolution 1.3 megapixel.

- Trinocular head for optical lenses with different degrees:

             - 20x (working distance: 1.3mm)

             - 50x (working distance: 0.38mm)

             - 4x, 10x, 50x (long-focus)

             - 100x (operating distance: 0.9 mm)

- Stage: an automated, controled with joystick and software, movement range: 75mm x 50mm, movement accuracy: 0.1mkm.

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Software features:

The software kit for the spectrometer control allows to diagnosethe operating capacity of the optical system, the registration of spectra, measured data processing with special software packages:

- Identification with the optimization function of the spectrum.

- Implementation of univariate and multivariate analyzes.

- Conducting the routine analysis.

- Three-dimensional visualization of spectral data.

- Identification of the substance using the library search, the ability to build their own spectral libraries.

- The function of the spectrum intensity correction.

- Automatic fluorescence rejection of the laser with a wavelength of 785 nm.

- Library of the Raman scattering spectra.

Fields of application:

Typical applications of Raman spectroscopy in materials science and nanotechnology:

- Materials for the study of any type of inorganic and organic materials, including semiconductor elements;

- In gemology, mineralogy for the study of gems, minerals;

- In organic chemistry for the study of reaction mechanisms of synthesis and characterization of the products;

- The development and control of various production processes;

- In criminology, Raman spectroscopy can be used to identify: 

             - Paints, inks (car accident, identification of the figure)

             - Polymer films, different fibers, shot, glasses

             - Explosives, drugs, toxic substances

             - The composition of explosive mixtures of powders

- In the pharmaceutical industry in the development and production control tablet forms of drugs and creams;

- Determination of lattice defects;

- The study of corrosion processes

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