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FTIR spectrometer IRPrestige-21

IIRPrestige-21 is a high-end device, corresponding to the highest modern standards, thanks to, in particular, high sensitivity (signal to noise ratio of 40000: 1)
Spectral range: 12500 ~ 240 cm-1 
Optical scheme: Single beam
Excitation source:    Bright Ceramic Light Source, halogen lamp.
Beamsplitters: КBr – КВr, CsI, CaF2.
Interferometer: fast-scan Michelson type with the adjacent corner 300 with an electromagnetic drive and a digital dynamic alignment. Sealed with humidity control
Detectors: DLATGS, InGaAs.
Resolution: 0,5; 1; 2; 4; 8 or 16 cm-1.
Signal/noise ratio > 40000:1

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