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Progress in Photon Science, Chapter 25, Pages 253-261

Yury Tver’yanovich, S. Fokina and E. Borisov

Super-Ionic Nano-Composite Solid Electrolytes Prepared by Laser Ablation

Progress in Photon Science, Chapter 25, Pages 253-261

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-52431-3_25


Using the laser ablation method, AgI stoichiometric compound films, (GeSe2)30(Sb2Se3)30(AgI)40 glass films, and films comprised of alternating layers of AgI and the glass were obtained. Individual layer thickness amounts to 10 nm, and the total number of layers is about 100. Film conductivity measurements were carried out during several cycles of heating up to 200 °C and cooling to room temperature. It was established that after three cycles of thermal processing specific lateral conductivity of the film is equal to 0.3 S cm−1 and conductivity activation energy is equal to 0.07 eV at room temperature.

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