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Kaputkina Svetlana

Specialist in optical systems


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2009 - graduated from the Department of Chemistry of the St. Petersburg State University, specialization "chemistry of amorphous substances." Thesis title, "Photo-induced changes in the rate of dissolution in bilayer films of chalcogenide semiconductors."


2011 -  master degree at the Department of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University. Thesis title "Laser synthesis of micro-and nano-particles from aqueous solutions." 


Since 2013 - colleague of the St. Petersburg State University "Center for optical and laser materials research".





A. V. Belykh, S. Yu. Kaputkina, M. D. Mikhailov, and A. S. Tverjanovich, Photoinduced Changes of the Rate of Dissolution of Bilayer Films of Chalcogenide Glasses, Glass Physics and Chemistry, 2012, Vol. 38, No. 2, pp. 185–189



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