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Eugeniy Borisov

The Leading Researcher in the laser systems

PhD (Candidate of Physics and Mathematics)

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1973 - Graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University, Department of Physics, Optics.


1973-1993  the senior laboratory assistant, engineer, junior researcher, researcher at the Optics and Spectroscopy department of Physics Scientific Research Institute.


1993-2002 the head of the information publishing department at the Scientific Research Institute “Russian Center of Laser Physics” at Saint-Petersburg State University.


2002-2011 Head of the laboratory at Center for technical support of the educational programs of Saint-Petersburg State University.


2011 -The Leading Researcher in the laser systems at the Resource Center “Center for Optical and Laser Materials Research”.


PhD (Candidate of Physics and Mathematics)(1987)





Over 70 publications and 8 patents in the areas of the atomic physics, plasma physics, laser physics, experiment technics, modeling and information processing, thin films and nanotechnologies.

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