15.10.2014 13.00 A memorial seminar dedicated to the memory of Valerii Borisovich Smirnov will be held in the RC “Optical and laser materials research”(1938 - 2002)


Dedicated to the memory of

Valerii Borisovich Smirnov 


Seminar program:

1. A.Vasilyeva

«Femtosecond laser induced formation of silver nanoparticles in Ag2O-P2O5 glassy system.»

2. M.Pyshnyak

«Excited state dynamics of substituted tetraphenylporphyrins and their adducts with fullerene.»

October, 15 2014, 13-00,

RC «Optical and laser materials research» SPSU,

Ulyanovskaya st., 5

17.09.2014 Lectures on electrocatalysis by professor Julien Bachmann.


  From 1 to 3 October on the basis of the Center for Optical and Laser Materials Reseach with the support of G-RISC (German-Russian Interdisciplinary Science Center) and the Russian Chemical Society the lectures on electrochemistry will be held by Professor of Faculty of Chemistry, Friedrich-Alexander University, Nuremberg, Germany (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) Julien Bachmann

Everyone is welcome! 

Information about the program, time and venue will be announced later. 

October 1, Turning lead into gold: Materials and nanostructures in electrochemical energy conversion. Institute of Chemistry, 315 auditory, 17:30  

October 2, Exchange phenomena at elongated structures, from macro to nano -- optimizing energy conversion devices based on their geometry, RC OLMR, 209 auditory, 12:00  

October 3, Aspects of catalysis and electrocatalysis: materials and geometries (lecture within the frame of Russian chemical society). Institute of Chemistry, 03 auditory, 17:15  



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